The quickest way to learn FILM ACTING is from a professional DIRECTOR, D.P. AND CREW. Working under the same conditions, and intensity as a professional FILM SET demands. “These are your teachers.”

Sitting in classrooms and casting director’s workshops month after month have their purpose and help in getting the job, but not DOING the job on the set. Get in the trenches, face your inexperience, limitations and fears and watch them disappear rapidly and easily.

B.F.G. makes this possible and affordable.

“I learned commitment and passion from Greg Bach.”

Kevin Costner, Actor/Director

“4 years in film school and I’ve never heard anything like this!”

Cullen Metcalf-Kelly, Director

There are so many gifts you taught me, and one has never left my soul,
'True artists have to be willing to risk it all for creativity.'"

C, Scott Waugh, Director, "Act of Valor"

"No time is wasted in Greg's private sessions. Straight answers are given and the results are presented for those who are passionate. The way to improve is to do it and his sessions significantly helped me."

Jason Nguyen, Private Student

I am a hole in a flute
that the Christ's breath moves through.
listen to this music
— Rumi, 13th century Sufi mystic.

If you are interested in studying acting, congratulations: And I am not interested in helping you with that. I am neither an acting teacher, nor an out-of-work actor. I’m a director who transforms actors with a shift that happens in an instant. This sounds like an enormous statement, but I am only reporting what my actors have shown me for 25 years. I use a direct method, and any student who is open, gets it. This is because genuine acting cannot be taught or learned. It already exists. Everyone has it, though some are more free in different areas. My job is simply to show you where to look. Then receive it.

The same as music comes through the six strings of a guitar, acting flows through the four talents of the actor. In my private sessions, we work on the vocal, the intellect, the physical, and the emotional. This is where the actor’s strengths and weaknesses lie, and it is only through these four aspects that any acting can appear. The core of acting talent is freedom, the freedom to express these four talents, and when that happens, when the V.I.P.E. is ready, the character emerges on its own.

All sessions are three hours, and the first two prepare the actor to understand what will happen and what tools are required. After that, it is strictly scene work with a partner in preparation for on- camera training. Please see the BACH FILM GROUP page.

Twenty hours of private sessions including camera work will give you the professional skills enabling you to work with any director.

Actors come to me because they need help. Some have sat in classes for years. While it is certain that fast and easy is not possible, mere hard work only polishes that which cannot be improved. As in so many of the arts, and sports what must happen is a fundamental shift.

I make that happen.


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